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Revolver Services
S&W Duty Action Job $100 S&W Match Action Job $165
Smooth and Polish trigger $49 Yoke lock $45
De-spur hammer $45 Chamfer chambers $50
Trigger stop $46 Throat barrel $39
Crown barrel $75 Set Barrel back one turn $90
*Shorten and crown barrel $90
Gas ring installed $45
Correct endshake $30 Straighten yoke $30
Re-time cylinder (includes hand) $70 **Fit oversize cylinder stop $70
Number chambers $35 Matt blue $150
Checker trigger guard $75 Narrow and checker thumb piece $35
S&W Square Butt to Round Butt conversion $145
(Customer must supply grips)
Lock screw for strain screw $10 PPC barrel conversion $300
Compensate custom barrel $100 Aristocrat rib installed $190
Front sight insert $42 Bianchi Cup conversion $400 to $900
Barricade stop $60 Bianchi underlug $60
Flute L-Frame cylinder $150  
Scope mount (Labor only) $35 Custom Spring kit $15
Bead blast SS guns $60 Checker back strap $150
Hard Chrome $260 Taylor Throating $95
Weigand front sight, screw-on, with on S&W Classic blade $210

*Price shown above does not include new front sight

**includes new stop


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